I- Tips (Micro Link) Extensions

This package contains: 100 pieces of I Tip hair (Micro Link)

Cold Fusion

Pre bonded keratin dipped strands

Weight: 100 Grams 

100% Virgin Remy Indian Human Hair 

Hair Texture: Silky, smooth & straight

100 pieces is enough for a full head installation.

If you have short hair and want a lot of volume and thickness, we suggest 200 strands for full coverage.

If you have long hair but it's thin, we suggest 150 strands.

This hair can be dyed, dyed, heated and washed as you would your own natural hair. With proper care they can be reused and last up to 1 year.

I-tip hair extensions should be installed by a professional stylist.



I- tips are made of several strands of hair glued at the tips with keratin glue. They are also known as cold fusion extensions because they are applied without heat or glue. Instead they are attached using micro rings. To install them a pulling tool will be needed to pull the same amount of hair through the micro ring at the hair line using a hook tool.

I-tip hair extensions cause no damage to hair when they are removed.
 I-tips mimic natural hair movement due to their unique circular form. The strand by strand method of application makes for more versatile hair styles. Our keratin prebonded hair is made with high quality good and hair.