Glam Up Premium Hair 100% human hair 

I am so excited to be branding my own hair. One of the main reasons I decided to was, I wanted to make sure my customers were getting the best grade of hair. A lot of  hair extension lovers don’t realize what grade of hair their getting. 

Let me list the hair grades starting with the lowest. 6a,7a,8a, 9a, 10a. Glam Up brand can offer any grade the customer wants.

Most of the stuff in the local stores is 6a or 7a. Very rarely will you find 8a or above.  Another tip human hair synthetic blend is not a good choice of hair… if you are planning on gluing them in. This hair is a mixture of synthetic hair textures. It doesent last very long. Which is not good for your natural hair. 
Email for samples or to place an order ⭕⭕

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