Fire engine RED hair

Happy Monday peeps,

Okay so when a customer says I want my hair vibrant RED like a damn fire engine truck. Well that’s what we do. This color is nothing short of a show stopper.  Now we know not everyone wants to stand out like a sexy stop sign. But if your about that life we got the color formulas to make your color dream come true. 

This is what a set of fire engine red clip ins look like.  If your wanting to color these your self the biggest tip is it needs to to be on 100% premium human hair. Why? Well because you don’t want already processed hair. With a good grade of hair the extensions will take the color and run. They will also last longer and blend better with your natural hair. 

The set has 9 full pieces of hair that easily attach to your hair. If you struggle putting your clip ins in. A big tip is to part and back comb your hair to add a little friction, insert and snap closed. We will be having a tutorial here  


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